Yeah Taylor, what's up with the penguin?

It's amazing what memories come flooding back after a bottle of rosé.

You see Taylor has always loved the kororā / little blue penguin, right back to when she made a paper mâché model of one in primary school.

Not sure where it came from but she says it's because they're a lot like her. They're native to NZ, understated, social creatures that trip over from time to time.

Also, the kiwi also seems to get all the attention. Like Taika Waititi.

So, Taylor drew her version of a little Blue Penguin, put it on a t-shirt and added the words 'Choose Sarcasm'. And well, as they say the rest is history.


I don't know if you know, but New Zealand is actually home to the worlds smallest penguin species, the Kororā or Little Blue Penguin.

The Kororā is native to New Zealand, where it breeds in burrows or in rocky shorelines and is actually an endangered species, with its population having declined due to human activities such as fishing, pollution, and the destruction of its habitat.

We like them so much we're actually lifetime supporters of the West Coast Penguin Trust.

The Trust conducts research into the ecology of penguins in order to better understand their needs and threats to them. On the basis of its research, the Trust instigates practical conservation projects that benefit both coastal wildlife and the community. It also advises all four Councils and DOC on penguin management and protection.

You can learn more about these cute little creatures here.